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Austlift News



As everyone is aware there is ever changing government policies in relation to the COVID 19 Pandemic. AUSTLIFT is doing everything in its power to help protect the employees of the company whilst remaining open for Business. We will follow all government regulations and will remain vigilant in the fight against this pandemic.

We have known about COVID 19 for some time beginning in other countries and we have constantly been monitoring stock and our shipments, if there are any delays, what and how long they may be and what products may be affected. At this stage due to preparation and this monitoring we are happy to report that everything is running as per usual. We are prepared and ready with what our customers require. Our suppliers are up and running. We will inform you on this page if in any event this changes.

During this time we have implemented new procedures which will have a minimal impact on delivering our products. We remain open and are able to run business as usual even though we have changed many procedures and processes. The following are some of the changes that have been put in place.

1. Staff that can work from home will be asked to do so thus reducing the staff required to attend work and minimising human contact on site.

2. Sales staff have been pulled from visiting customers until further notice. This is to protect our customers and the company. Where possible these staff will still contact our customers over the phone and will still be readily available for assistance.

3. We have increased our rate of meetings. Anytime there is new news or new procedures from the government or internally we pull together and educate everyone in the company.

4. Each day we record all the staff members movements at home also and encourage and educate on the process of simple tasks in these areas.

5. We practice social distancing. Internally and externally we remain more than 1.5m from each other. You will notice if you pick up from our premises new measures have been put in place but speed has not been affected.

6. We have provided all staff with face masks and extra sanitisation products while educating them on the correct use.

7. We only accept customers as visitors onto site of course bearing in mind any safety visitors or fire inspection products that are mandatory.

8. We have created booklets on how to look after yourself and family and have given these to staff to help with education for our staff and at home.

Throughout all of this we remain a strong team and well equipped. If you have any questions or concerns please contact any of us here at AUSTLIFT as we are here to help. We will keep you updated on any changes as we hear more news.


Shang Wang


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