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Cantilever Arm

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AUSTLIFT introduces the cantilever davit system which provides a safe and sure system for easy access to confined spaces. The davit system is an ideal choice to provide overhead anchorage which can
be mounted on different bases. The davit system is made of highly corrosion resistant G316 stainless steel, and can swivel a complete 360° on its mounted base, hence providing versatile reach and access.
The unique feature is that the height of the cantilever arm of the davit system is adjustable at 3 defined points, with upper height adjustment of 2.3M, middle arm adjustment of 1.9M, and lowered arm adjustment
at 1.5M. This enables the use of the davit system even in those areas where the roof height is low. The davit system can be easily mounted on the floor as well as on the wall through special floor and wall mounting brackets which are made available as per requirement. The davit system can also be mounted on the floor of heavy vehicles, hence making it extremely versatile in use. Conforms to AS/NZS 5532:2013.

Physical Parameters:
• Made up of highly corrosion resistant G316 stainless steel.
• Two eye bolts (stainless steel) at cantilever arm for anchor points.
• Max. Load capacity: 136kg.
• Finish: polished.

Vital test compliance
• Static strength: 15kN for 3min.
• Dynamic strength: fall with 100kg, it should be stable and hold clear from the ground.
• Integrity test: after dynamic strength sustained 300kg, mas for 3 min.

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