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Inertia Reel Wire Rope

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Casing made of high impact strength polymer to prevent breakage and is nearly indestructible. Comes in galvanized steel wire rope of diameter 4.5mm. Swivel triple action locking snap hook with fall indicator at the bottom and triple action Karabiner on top. Anchorage eye with swivel action. Prevents undue twist of rope while working or in the event of a fall.

• Rope diameter: 4.5mm.
• Rope material: Steel.
• Minimum breaking strength: 12kN.
• Rated for 140kg.
• The steel triple-action locking swivel hook: 21mm gate opening, 23kN minimum breaking strength.
• The steel triple-action locking karabiner: 22mm gate opening, 25kN minimum breaking strength.
• Conformity: EN 360:2002 & ASNZS 1891.3.