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Zepro Slider 2500KG

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  • High under body clearance.
  • 2500kg loading capicity
  • Double acting tilt and single acting lift cylinders.
  • Dedicated mounting brackets to suit most makes and models.
  • Foldable platform to allow for rear access with the platform in its stowed position.
  • Zinc Manganese-phosphate powder coating to increase corrision protection and long term life span.
  • 3 button hand control for easy operation.
  • Level ride platform and hydrualic auto levelling.
  • 12 and 24 voltage option.
  • 500mm platform trolley stop.
  • Compact frame for maximum ground clearance.
  • Spring assisted folding platform.

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The Zepro ZS250 Slider tailgate has been developed and designed to european standards EN-1756-1 2001 which are specific to truck tailgates,

In partnership with Zepro Austlift has surpassed its competition in design and devoloment with the new ZS250 slider,

Its features higher ground clearance to allow for lower truck heights,High tensile and powder coated steel components as standard, 

Aluminium profiles have been used for hydraulic fluid transfers which reduces the use of hydraulic hoses.

The sliding system has a hydraulic motor driving 2 sprockets which rotate and run under the slide profiles guided by simple, sturdy chains and enables a smooth in/out movement.

The built-in hydraulic unit keeps the operation noise to a minimum and provides protection for the most sensitive of the components.

The ZS250 models are available with 1 single arm length allowing lifting heights up to 1400 mm.


Loading Capacity
Lifting Height (max)
Oil Flow
Oil Tank
Platform Width
Platform Length
Platform Material


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