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Austlift Tilt 2000KG Alluminium

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  • Simplified and reliable High-quality hydraulic power pack.

  • Steel platform or aluminium platform.
  • Heavy Duty hydraulic lift and tilt cylinders.
  • Adjustable platform to suit any position using the tilt function.
  • Permaglide bushes and chrome pins fitted to all tailgates.
  • Level ride platform with Automatic hydraulic self levelling.
  • Hydraulic anti burst control valves. 
  • Trolley stoppers positioned to give maximum work area.
  • Electronic foot control.
  • 4 button hand control for easy one handed operation.

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Here at AUSTLIFT we have never stopped researching, developing and designing our Tilt range of Tailgates.

Today’s AustLift 2 Tonne Tilt tailgate has pulled out all the stops when it comes to performance, reliability, and strength.

One of our main features on our tilt range is the Heavy duty lift and tilt cylinders that have been duty cycle tested over 11,000 times which is the equivalent to 10 years of use.

Combined with automatic hydraulic self levelling design plus our extended trolley stop positioning giving you the maximum working area on our platform.

Our product is a superior choice in the market for all applications,

On top of these excellent features we also have as standard on each tilt model hydraulic anti burst control valves on each cylinder,

Rexroth pressure compensation valves, hardened chrome pins in composition with our permaglide bushes for minimal maintenance and performance longevity,

Our simplified and reliable hydraulic power pack has been perfectly engineered to withstand our harsh Australian condition allowing for easy repair and maintenance.

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Unit Weight
Aluminium 540kg, Steel 770kg
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